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Cruising Hwy 1

There’s nothing quite like cruising south down Highway 1 in California on a motorcycle. In fact, I’ve never done anything quite like it- cause up until now motorcycling was just one of those things that existed out there in the realm of things that people did but that I was barely conscious of.

Well things change and on Monday I took a BMW 650 from San Francisco > Pescadero > Santa Cruz > Big Basin Redwoods State Park > Alice’s in Woodside > Half Moon Bay > and back.

It was one of the greatest rides I’ve been on anytime, anywhere – and it was right in my back yard.


Newwww camera!

Been spending the first few weeks of freedom doing all the important stuff – researching visa apps, getting reacquainted with the Marina lunch options, brushing up on my motorcycle skills, and buying things I’ll need for the trip.

Fairly high up on the shopping list was a new camera rig.  I’ve largely gotten by with Blackberry and iPhone built-in cameras over the past few years, but heading out on a worldwide vagabond tour, it’s time for an upgrade.  So with a new Nikon body and lens fresh out of the box, I went for a hike in Marin on my first photo expedition of the year.

A great photographer friend of mine, and world traveler in her own right, recommended I learn how to use Adobe Lightroom to edit photos.  So my digital editing skills are going to be kind of learn as you go.


view down from over Rodeo Beach


hiking back down to Rodeo Beach


first photo expedition of the year