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Connecticut, U.S.A.

No good can come of a citizenry armed with modern semi-automatic killing machines. I can’t think of a single sane reason why any civilian should be allowed to possess one of these weapons in light of the destruction wreaked if used by those who would harm us.

Real strength would be to band together and voluntarily melt down these firearms and create a memorial for all those who’ve perished or suffered as a result of senseless and preventable gun violence in our great country.

My heart sinks with Connecticut’s, the place where I grew up and keep so many peaceful memories.

Speed Enforced by Aircraft

My dad flew in to San Francisco from the east coast on Saturday. From the airport we went straight to the Tadich Grill, the self proclaimed oldest restaurant in the city, but more importantly a place where we could lunch on dungeness crab cocktail and grilled petrale sole.

We won’t be getting much seafood on our cross country road trip so we decided to fill up.

Yesterday we made the trip from SF through Bakersfield and LA to the desert oasis of Palm Springs.

What we thought was going to be a Holiday Inn turned out to be the newly converted and infinitely more swanky Saguaro.

This cross country road trip is a first for both of us.

From now on, speed enforced by aircraft



Cruising Hwy 1

There’s nothing quite like cruising south down Highway 1 in California on a motorcycle. In fact, I’ve never done anything quite like it- cause up until now motorcycling was just one of those things that existed out there in the realm of things that people did but that I was barely conscious of.

Well things change and on Monday I took a BMW 650 from San Francisco > Pescadero > Santa Cruz > Big Basin Redwoods State Park > Alice’s in Woodside > Half Moon Bay > and back.

It was one of the greatest rides I’ve been on anytime, anywhere – and it was right in my back yard.


Newwww camera!

Been spending the first few weeks of freedom doing all the important stuff – researching visa apps, getting reacquainted with the Marina lunch options, brushing up on my motorcycle skills, and buying things I’ll need for the trip.

Fairly high up on the shopping list was a new camera rig.  I’ve largely gotten by with Blackberry and iPhone built-in cameras over the past few years, but heading out on a worldwide vagabond tour, it’s time for an upgrade.  So with a new Nikon body and lens fresh out of the box, I went for a hike in Marin on my first photo expedition of the year.

A great photographer friend of mine, and world traveler in her own right, recommended I learn how to use Adobe Lightroom to edit photos.  So my digital editing skills are going to be kind of learn as you go.


view down from over Rodeo Beach


hiking back down to Rodeo Beach


first photo expedition of the year






End of an Era

My last day at work was a memorable one.  In the morning the fog hung over the Bay just right and the view was special.  I’m going to miss seeing this while checking emails, sipping coffee every day.

Last day, looking at the Bay

My analysts surprised me in the morning with a nice bottle of champagne, which really meant a lot.  Thanks again Simon, Diane, and Eric!

Classy send off from my analysts

And the highlight of the day was a company-wide send-off lunch.  Here’s me with Fred, our Founder and Chairman, and Jon our CEO.  They really made it happen for me, and for that I’ll always be grateful.  They were great bosses.

Ironwood send-off

It’s bittersweet to leave a great company with wonderful people.  And it feels good to part on good terms.  But now it’s time to start focusing on my trip.  Adventure is a worthy pastime.

Wind & Rain at Candlestick

The New York Football Giants marched into Candlestick last night and walked out with the NFC Championship trophy.  The 49ers battled the Gmen for four full quarters and well into overtime, putting Eli Manning on his back all game long.  In the end, a forced fumble deep in Niners territory put the Giants in position to take the victory, and the NFC Championship, with a game winning 31-yard field goal.  In the middle of the the wind and rain in a sea of red and gold Tynes drilled it – setting the stage for an epic Super Bowl rematch between the New York Giants and living legend Tom Brady.


Who’s got it better than us?  



At the 'stick

Tom’s got it better than us, actually.




There goes another birthday

Made it successfully through another birthday unscathed.  Every year my big day is around MLK weekend, so I’ve gotten accustomed to celebrating with friends up in our ski cabin in Lake Tahoe for the long weekend.

Unlike in years past, there isn’t much snow up there right now, so we donned our 80s gear and Lily and I celebrated our birthdays in classic Squaw Valley style.

No snow, no problem

Lily and I managed to have a good time

Happy birthday, Lil!

And thanks everyone


Waiting for it


El Nino - a year ago

This is happening

A week ago today I quit my job after eight years.  It has been a remarkable time in my life and I’m lucky to have found something that was professionally and personally rewarding for so long.

BUT… it’s time to make a change and move on.  Instead of immediately starting or looking for another job, I’m leaving San Francisco to take a year (or so?) and travel around the world.

Ever get that uneasy feeling when you’ve just lifted your foot off familiar ground to take a massive step forward, but you’re not exactly sure where it’s going to land?  Yeah, that’s the feeling.  This is happening.

Fog on the bay