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Hot out of the gates

Been having a great time so far. Was in the Philippines with my family then went to Bangkok for Songkran and now (after a 13 hr train ride) up north in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

While I’ve been taking lots of photos I’ve been slacking on my blogging. It’s been a month since my last post and I hardly wrote anything about my memorable cross country road trip with Dad.

I hope to get the Philippines shots up on FB soon and will try to get some good thoughts up on the blog. The pics from the road trip are already up on FB, so check out the album of you haven’t already.

Still getting used to the hostel / backpacker scene. It’s a far cry from my old business trips to the New York Palace. Here the bathroom is your shower and it’s also BYOTP. Been paying the extra hundred Baht for air con.

Writing now from the very chill common area at Deejai Backpackers. Lots of Chang beer tank tops and Aussie accents. More americans here than i anticipated, and its kind of nice hearing the familiar accents – until you listen too much to what they’re actually saying.

The Thai people are really friendly and the country is easier for travelers.

My one day in Bangkok coincided with the last day of Songkran, Thai New Years and the biggest water gun fight I’ve ever seen. Pics can’t do it justice as I kept everything in a plastic zip lock to keep everything from getting soaked. From what I can tell in the little time I spent there, Manila is as crazy if not moreso than Bangkok, which was clean and with somewhat more orderly traffic.

Chiang Mai is a lower key and more easily navigable place than Bangkok. Still lots to explore.

Off to motorbike around town.