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Coffee Table Book is Here!!!

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Finally, two years in the works, my coffee table book is ready to share!

After all my travels in the past few years it was important for me to memorialize my trip not only for my own enjoyment, but for friends and family who supported and encouraged me, helping to make this ‘trip of a lifetime’ possible. This book is part of my legacy, something I want to share with loved ones. Let it liven up your living room or put it on a shelf somewhere and let it collect dust. Either way I hope some of the photos inspire you to take your own adventures and see the world as the beautiful and wondrous place I discovered it to be.

Other Oceans is available in two formats.  Large Format best showcases the photography in BIG sizes. Standard Format is a high quality yet more cost effective option.

Please buy either, or both, or multiple copies for  your friends and let me know what you think!

Order Details:

Standard Format (10″x8″) Hardcover for $83.51

Standard Format (10″x8″) Softcover for $69.74

Large Format (13″x11″) Hardcover for $138.81

Use the Promo Code: BLURB2014 by June 30th, 2014 to get 15% off your order!!!

Other Oceans is self published through Blurb, who will take your order, print, and ship the book directly to you. The price of the book reflects Blurb’s printing costs.

All the photos included in the book can be found on my Flickr profile here:




Oman Off-Road

What did I know about Oman?  Nothing.  Had I been to the Middle East before?  Never.  Was it safe for a Westerner?  Absolutely.

Once I discovered that driving a 4×4 vehicle off-road was not only considered okay in Oman, but often necessary and also regarded as the best way in which to experience a country said to be the jewel of Arabia – I was already on my way.

An exotic land of desert, mountains, canyons, wadis, coast, forts, souks, and mosques – Oman was a place where the adult-traveler-in-search-of-rewarding-cultural-exchange in me experienced the Middle East for the first time while my inner sixteen-year-old-boy-doing-donuts-in-dad’s-car-in-the-snowy-high-school-parking-lot got to go off-roading for two weeks in a Jeep in the Arabian desert and drive as fast as possible through the sand.

Turn off the main road, find the dirt track of your choice and follow it off into the wilds outside Salalah towards an empty beach by the Yemen border.  Drive twenty five miles over the colorful dunes of the Sharqiya Sands to spend the night contemplating the stars and sleep in a tent at a desert camp in the land of nomads.  Traverse mountain tracks in search of forts, tombs, and ancient village ruins that date back to biblical times.  Descend steep winding roads through the canyons to get to one of Oman’s many riverbed wadis to spend the day swimming and hiking in a lush oasis.  Get your 4×4 stuck in the sand dune and flag down two friendly local Omanis to help dig you out so you can keep on going.

Exploring Oman by four wheeler was just simply a great adventure.

[Link to full FB photo album]

Next stop: Jordan and Petra